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From idea to app in no time.

Full-code developer meets no-code platform.

Combine 10 years of experience in development + 20 in IT project management with the rapid building capabilities and the extensibility of Bubble and see your project become reality within weeks.

The best of both worlds.

No-code platform:
  • Rapid building for fast results.
  • Set up on a solid foundation.
  • High extensibility.
  • Goes easy on the budget.
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Full-code developer:
  • Provides development experience.
  • Aims to achieve business goals.
  • Manages your project.
  • Dedicated to continuous improvement.
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Benefit from this symbiosis and gain both a reliable platform and a trusted parter for your app project during and after development.

Client feedback.

Other developers I've worked with had strong opinions about how things should be done even when they didn't understand our needs. Marvin was a great listener, and while he would always explain what approach made the most sense to him, he'd also seek to understand my preferred approach and dig to the essence while also leaving it up to me and committing to get it done however I decided.

Aidan Kankyoku

Mission Lead at Pro-Animal Future

Denver, CO, USA

Read the Pro-Animal Future case study here.

Marvin was the right pick for our project. He provided valuable experience and helped us to improve our application. His communication skills and his structured approach made him pleasant to work with. We are looking forward to involve him in future projects.

Nils-Oliver Boldt

Co-Founder & CTO at Tälist

Berlin, Germany


1 - Exploration.

We start with a call to examine your goals followed by a quote and a timeline.

2 - Foundation.

Once all requirements are gathered I set up database and plugins.

3 - Design.

After that I create wireframes and style them according to your branding guidelines.

4 - Development.

In the next round I build your app and bring the design to life with functionality.

5 - Quality Assurance.

When it's done we make sure everything works and meets your expectations.

6 - Launch.

Lastly I transfer the ownership to you and - if you wish - provide support.



Why Bubble?

It allows for rapid building at a much lower cost compared to a self-coded application, it's versatile thanks to its countless third-party integrations, and it can scale from MVP to thousands of users.

Will I own the app?

Of course! As soon as the app is finished it will be transferred to your own Bubble account and you can do with it as you please.

Any post-launch services?

You bet! We can include a monthly flat fee deal for maintenance and continuous improvement. For larger feature requests we can always work out an hour-based agreement.

Do you support existing apps?

Sure. We can talk about your app during a free consultation and work out an hour-based agreement depending on your needs.

How about native mobile apps?

Will be available soon. I do not have experience with BDK or other third-party solutions but Bubble is currently working on adding native mobile support directly. I already have client projects waiting for the release of this feature and you are welcome to join!

Do you work with clients from ...?

Absolutely! I am based in Norway and I operate globally with clients from the USA and several European countries. I'm always happy to welcome new countries to that list.

Let's bring your idea to live.

Get in touch and I will get back to you asap to schedule a free call where we discuss details and next steps.



  • What do you need?
  • What is your budget?
  • When do you need it?
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