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Case study: Pro-Animal Future.

Web application to organize vegan activists - project for a non-profit in Denver, CO.


Pro-Animal Future is a collective of voters, volunteers, and small donors building a political movement to end factory farming. They use grassroots campaigns to turn public support for animals into law.

Prior to this project the client used a combination of existing services to handle the day-to-day operations as well as management overhead task. None of these tools were tailored to their specific use case so they were missing out on some features while paying for other ones they didn't need.

Enter Stampede. This application was built from scratch based on a long list of concrete requirements. It handles signup and onboarding of new activists, hosting physical and online events, team management functionality, manual and automatic task creation, and more.

It is optimized for both mobile display to ensure quick access during physical events as well as desktop screens to ensure maximum overview and convenience for organizers to perform management tasks such as creating events, tasks, or learning resources for their teams.

Additional features are a Twilio integration to send bulk messages as well as a self-hosted server - this is the online meeting software which provides booking and hosting of onboarding calls for new prospects.

Conclusion: Besides having a customized application they now also benefit from having all data in one place which lead to several manual processes being automated. The client is happy and the app will be maintained and improved on an ongoing basis.

Screenshot of the organizer page
Organizer page.
Screenshot of the event page
Events page.

Note: As per client request this app was build using a low-code platform. Custom code was used to enhance styling and functionality. Due to limits of the platform the benchmarks do not reach the same level as our other projects.