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Case study: World Ethical Data Forum.

Video streaming and live chat application for a Gibraltarian organization.

Consulting (UX), Design.

The World Ethical Data Forum is the leading event for impartial and balanced exploration of the urgent ethical and practical questions around the use and future of data. The event platform provides live streams, video on demand and live discussions. It's based on Matrix, an open source network for secure and decentralised real-time communication.

The frontend of the application is currently a customized fork of the Element client. Element was developed for group messages and calls, not so much for video streaming and discussions with over 10.000 users which lead to several issues.

I did an audit with focus on the user experience during the registration and onboarding process. The goal was to identify and document the issues and to decide if the customized fork should be further maintained or if a custom frontend build from scratch would make more sense.

We chose the latter. The design for the app and the WEDF design system are currently in review.

Screenshot of the new clean and modern WEDF app design in four different screen sizes and both light and dark mode.
Screenshot of the new WEDF app design.