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Case study: Erich Mundstock foundation.

German non-profit organization supporting children, adolescents, and people who are impaired by disabilities.

Design, Development (HTML, CSS).

Complete re-design of an existing site that was several years old, didn't work on mobile devices and had a broken contact form. More pain points were uncovered during the client interview: the backend made it difficult to update content and handling donation applications regularly lead to asking for the same information manually.

The website was completely re-designed and re-built using a few existing graphics and brand colors. The text was re-written and online forms were created to streamline applications and eliminate manual follow-ups. A SSL certificate was added for security.

Conclusion: This website is a perfect example for the Pharos philosophy - hand-made in plain HTML and CSS achieving perfect scores in terms of performance, accessibility, privacy, and security. You can expect the same results.

Screenshot of the old Mundstock website - outdated look, sad colors, no visuals.
Screenshot of the new website with clean and modern design.
Result of the Pagespeed benchmark result showing full score in all categories except for 92 out of 100 in SEO as the site is blocked from search engine indexing on purose.
Performance, accessibility, and SEO benchmark.
Result of the webbkoll privacy and security benchmark showing perfect score in all categories.
Privacy and security benchmark.
Result of the carbon footprint showing it's better then 97% of the tested websites.
Carbon footprint.

Note: The SEO rating is not 100/100 because this "Page is blocked from indexing". This is intended as there have been changes since I was involved and it no longer represents my approach.

Additionally, the preview is hosted on Render which is not considered green hosting which is okay as this is just a preview and not the production site.