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Fixed price project.

Regular contract for a website or E-Commerce project developed specifically for your needs. Integrations such as booking and payment or a headless CMS to manage your own content are possible. Or anything else.

Optionally available: the initial design and a maintenance contract for ongoing tasks like technical upkeep, continuous improvement, and content changes.

Did your website outgrow the page builder solution or are you getting frustrated by it's limitations? Or maybe you are just tired of doing everything yourself. Why not let everything be handled professionally?

What you'll get.

We will create a hand-coded website that attracts visitors and turns them into customers because it

Included in the package.


We can skip this step if you bring a design. If not we'll create a beautiful and calm design for you, starting from a small mobile screen and gradually expanding to large display sizes to make sure it looks great on every device and visitors have a distraction-free experience.


Mindfully written semantic HTML and CSS code for a fully customized solution meeting your use case. No frameworks or third-party libraries will be used. Not even JavaScript unless it is required for a specific functionality.


Ongoing maintenance and continuous improvement as the web and its technologies keep evolving. Rest assured that new best practices in term of performance or accessibility will be implemented automatically. Your website will stay up to date while you focus on your core business (and avoid trouble by relying on outdated standards).

Content updates*

Unlimited content updates are included. Got updated texts or new pictures? Just send any change request and it will be done within 24 hours.

* optionally available

Take a look at this case study - this is exactly what you can expect!

In summary.

50% down payment to start the project, the rest is due after your approval of the final version.

Sounds good?



  • What dou you need?
  • What is your budget?
  • When do you need it?
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