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Webbkoll - Check website privacy and security measures.


Webbkoll1 is a fantastic online tool which analyzes the privacy and security measures a website has in place. It will for instance check for cookies, third-party requests, SSL certificates, or HTTP security headers.

Not only is this benchmark mandatory for every project I start, it’s also very interesting to check any websites I visit. Even for non-technical people I highly recommend to run your frequently visited sites through this tool and look at the amount of cookies as well as how many third-party requests are made and where they go to.

You will quickly see how bad the general state of the web has become and how your browsing habits are tracked and shared. Not to mention the lack of and/or incompleteness of privacy policies and the annoyance of consent banners. It seems to be commonly accepted that cookies are neccessary - this is nonsense. Websites with zero cookies and zero third-party requests are absolutely possible (and the norm at Pharos).


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