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Teddit - Access Reddit without ads and tracking.

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Teddit1 is an open source alternative front-end for Reddit. It allows you to access Reddit content without privacy-invading tracking and annoying ads. Subscribing to subreddits is also possible - settings and subscribed subreddits are stored in a cookie (exporting/importing is possible), a Reddit account is not required.

There are several public servers/instances2 available, just pick one from the official list on the website linked below.

The URL structure is simple: just replace “” with the URL of your chosen instance. For example


Alternatively, you can host your own private or public instance. A public instance hosted by Pharos is already planned and will be implemented as soon as the community support guarantees a reliable server upkeep.

While I’d love to see more people moving to the Fediverse there still is a lot of good content on Reddit. Teddit is a great way to access said content without being tracked.

Update: Due to the Reddit API changes, Teddit is no longer actively maintained. The public instances are likely showing “error code 429 - too many requests” so you are probably better off using a self-hosted private instance.


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  2. Source code and list of public instances”.