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Pharos (AnonAddy) - Anonymous e-mail forwarding.

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AnonAddy1 is an open source2 service that lets you create unlimited aliases to hide your real email address.

Let’s assume you sign up for a new account on website xyz. AnonAddy will automatically create an alias as soon as it receives its first email, so instead of providing your real email to xyz you simply type into the sign up form. Any email from xzy will then be forwarded by AnonAddy to your regular inbox.

There are two benefits to this method. Firstly, as long as you use it consistently across all accounts nobody can track you by your real email address (social engineering). Secondly, if you ever receive spam via an alias you will know who sold your data or had a data breach.

The free tier is generous and is probably sufficient. If you would like to have more features such as replying from an alias, using custom domains or simply having more recipients or bandwidth you can upgrade to a paid tier ($1 and $3 per month, respectively).

You can also self-host AnonAddy on your own infrastructure if you prefer to do so.

Update: As of August 9, 2023 AnonAddy has re-branded as addy.io3.


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